Brass Spacer Beads, Rondelle, Silver Color Plated, 5x2mm, Hole: 1.5~2mm,(US-KK-E246-S)

  • Brass Spacer Beads US-KK-E246-S
  • Brass Spacer Beads US-KK-E246-S

Price:  US $6.13  / 500 pcs

Packages Size:

500 pcs per package

Shipping Weight: 88(g)

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Specification Size Info

Size 5x2mm, Hole: 1.5~2mm
Material Brass
Metal Color Silver
Shape Rondelle
Usage Spacer Beads
Package Size 500 pcs per package


  • Brass Spacer Beads, Rondelle, Silver Color Plated

    Size: about 5mm in diameter, 2mm thick, hole: 1.5~2mm.

    Lustrous and classic, the look of a seamless-look brass bead can accent, or be the focal piece of a jewelry design. These economical beads should be a staple in every fashion jewelry designer's inventory. It can be matched with hooks, jump rings, and pins to be necklaces, bracelets and so on.

  • Priced per 500 pcs
  • Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.
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