Natural Carnelian Beads Strands, Round,

Size: beads: about 8mm in diameter, Hole: 1mm; about 45pcs/strand, 15 inch.

Spiritual Properties of Carnelian: Its energy balancing properties can help to eliminate mental tension and stress, promoting a greater sense of harmony and balance in the body and mind. Carnelian is also believed to enhance feelings of love and loyalty, while inspiring courage and promoting confidence and resolve. Its beautiful reddish-brown to orange color makes it a stunning addition to any jewelry collection.

※ Please note that there is no specific scientific evidence to prove the therapeutic effects of stones, but gemstone therapy meditation may induce a placebo effect that helps you relax the mind.

Priced per 5 Strands

Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.

Specification Size Info

Size 8mm, Hole: 1mm, about 45pcs/strand, 15 inch
Material Natural Carnelian
Color OrangeRed
Shape Round
Usage Beads
Package Size 5 Strands per package


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