• 50Pcs Magic Witch Theme Paper Stickers Sets, Adhesive Decals for DIY Scrapbooking, Photo Album Decoration, Mixed Color, 43~71x29~69x0.2mm

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50Pcs Magic Witch Theme Paper Stickers Sets, Adhesive Decals for DIY Scrapbooking, Photo Album Decoration, Mixed Color

Size: about 29~69mm wide, 43~71mm long, 0.2mm thick, 50pcs/bag.

Crystal Ball: 64.5x55.5x0.2mm, 1pc;

Rhombus with Cat: 67x56x0.2mm, 1pc;

Pot: 65x55x0.2mm, 1pc;

Cup with Snake: 66x58x0.2mm, 1pc;

Bottle: 62.5x41x0.2mm, 1pc;

Pot with Flower: 62.5x50x0.2mm, 1pc;

Word: 62x43x0.2mm, 1pc;

Bottle: 58.5x61x0.2mm, 1pc;

Bottle: 62x72x0.2mm, 1pc;

Hand with Eye: 63.5x44.5x0.2mm, 1pc;

Bottle:58x32.5x0.2mm, 1pc;

Light: 71x41x0.2mm, 1pc;

Skull Cup: 51x63x0.2mm, 1pc;

Crystal: 66x46x0.2mm, 1pc;

Hat with Hand: 66x58x0.2mm, 1pc;

Bottle: 62x53x0.2mm, 1pc;

Bottle: 59x29x0.2mm, 1pc;

Bottle: 52x44x0.2mm, 1pc;

Book with Eye: 57x60x0.2mm, 1pc;

Bottles: 56x54x0.2mm, 1pc;

Cat: 69x49x0.2mm, 1pc;

Crystal with Flower: 63x52x0.2mm, 1pc;

Moon with Witch: 64x44x0.2mm, 1pc;

Cup with Flower: 63x59x0.2mm, 1pc;

Cat with Eye: 56x56x0.2mm, 1pc;

Book with Skull: 62x42x0.2mm, 1pc;

Moon with Word: 55x46x0.2mm, 1pc;

Cat with Eye: 55x59x0.2mm, 1pc;

Bottle with Ship: 58x49x0.2mm, 1pc;

Bottle with Skull: 63x43x0.2mm, 1pc;

Skull Shape Bottle: 64x51x0.2mm, 1pc;

Witch: 62x47.5x0.2mm, 1pc;

Bottle: 62x41x0.2mm, 1pc;

Witch: 66x46x0.2mm, 1pc;

Rectangle with Cat: 65x49x0.2mm, 1pc;

Heart Bottle: 62x49x0.2mm, 1pc;

Cup & Candle: 64x49x0.2mm, 1pc;

Hat with Word: 63x67.5x0.2mm, 1pc;

Book with Skull & Bird: 54x67.5x0.2mm, 1pc;

Bottle with Human: 60x48x0.2mm, 1pc;

Moth: 44x65x0.2mm, 1pc;

Hand with Sun: 55x61x0.2mm, 1pc;

Bottle with Eyes: 64x43x0.2mm, 1pc;

Snake: 43x50x0.2mm, 1pc;

Book with Moon & Leaf: 63x48x0.2mm, 1pc;

Book with Feather: 39x69x0.2mm, 1pc;

Skull with Crystal: 67x51x0.2mm, 1pc;

Crystal: 59x58x0.2mm, 1pc;

Skull Shape Cup: 62x66.5x0.2mm, 1pc;

Eye Ball with Finger: 64x60x0.2mm, 1pc.

Priced per 10 Bags

Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.

Specification Size Info

Size 43~71x29~69x0.2mm
Material Paper
Color Mixed Color
Shape Mixed Shapes
Usage Stickers
Package Size 10 Bags per package


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