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  • Cowrie Cowry Seashells Oval Spiral Shells Beads with Holes for Craft, about 200~300pcs/box

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Spiral Shell Beads, Cowrie Shells, Oval, Seashell

Size: about 9~12mm long, 10~16mm wide, 3~7mm thick, hole: 1~2mm; about 200~300pcs/box.

Top style for summer, shell beads retain their natural colors and shapes that give you a beach feeling. It can be fashionable statement in necklaces, bracelets and earring sets.

Priced per 1 Box

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Brand PandaHall Elite
Size 12mm long, 10~16mm wide, 3~7mm thick, hole: 1~2mm
Material Spiral Shell
Color Seashell
Shape Oval
Usage Beads
Dyed Undyed
Hole Style Drilled
Quantity 1 Box per package

How to Use It

Mini shells beads with holes for threading, ideal for jewellery making and crafts.
Each seashell bead is precisely made and you get a large selection of various patterns and designs. The workman ship is quite remarkable.
Spiral shell beads retain vivid natural shapes and dyed in hot colors, give theme design a lighthearted style.
Here are steps for earring making with the shell beads.


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