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  • PandaHall Elite® Mixed Color Lace Faux Leather Suede Cord, Faux Suede Lace Beading Craft Cord, Faux Suede Lace Velvet String 3mm, 5m/roll, 5roll/bag

  • Price/Package: US $8.31 Your Prices
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    US $8.06

  • Silver Price:

    US $7.81

  • Gold Price:

    US $7.56

  • Platinum Price:

    US $7.31

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    US $7.06

  • 3 Days
    Weight: 84(g)
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PandaHall Elite® Faux Suede Cord, Faux Suede Lace Sets, Mixed Color

Size: about 3mm wide, 1.5mm thick, about 5m/roll, 5roll/bag.

Faux suede Cord, Faux Suede Lace is commonly used for various accessories and outfit purpose. You will certainly find one that is suitable for your design concept. We also offer other excellent selection of thread and Cord, Faux Suede Lace, which is available in various accessories finish.

Priced per 1 Bag

Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.

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Brand PandaHall Elite
Size about 3mm wide, 1.5mm thick, about 5m/roll, 5roll/bag
Material Suede
Color Mixed Color
Usage Thread & Cord
Wire Size 3mm
Quantity 1 Bag per package

How to Use It

Highlight Features

1. Size: about 3mm wide, 1.5mm thick, about 5m/roll
2. Quantity: 5 Rolls/bag
3. Color: There are 5 colors including Light Khai, Black, Chocalate, Dark Khaki, Cocount Brown
4. Usage: Jewelry making, lacing, braiding, beading, wrapping, or decorating;

Faux suede cord is a kind of weft elastic fabric. It gives you a soft and smooth feel of touch. Apply even is one of its advantages and so it is not easy to fade.
Its high tenacity also deserves your favor. The mixed color leather cord can be used for the decoration of shoes, clothes and jewelry making.

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