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Nylon Thread US-NWIR-R002-2mm-2-1

Specification Size Info

Size 2mm; about12m/bundle, 10bundles/bag, 120m/bag
Material Nylon
Color Red
Usage Thread & Cord
Package Size 1 Bag per package


Nylon Thread, Nylon Jewelry Cord for Custom Woven Bracelets Making, Red

Size: about 2mm in diameter, about 12m/bundle, 10bundles/bag, 120m/bag.

Glossy and robust fashion color with extra-strong fibers to hold even weighty beads. It can be used with gemstone beads, rhinestone beads, shamballa beads and so on. You'll want to have a good selection of these available to meet your customers' requests.

Priced per 1 Bag

Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.

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