Opalite Beads Strands, Round, 8~8.5mm, Hole: 1mm, about 47pcs/strand, 14.5~15 inch,(US-G-Q462-8mm-31)

  • Opalite Beads Strands US-G-Q462-8mm-31
  • Opalite Beads Strands US-G-Q462-8mm-31

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5 Strands per package

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Specification Size Info

Size 8~8.5mm, Hole: 1mm, about 47pcs/strand, 14.5~15 inch
Material Synthetic Opalite
Shape Round
Usage Beads
Package Size 5 Strands per package


  • Opalite Beads Strands, Round,

    Size: about 8~8.5mm diameter, hole: 1mm; about 47pcs/strand, 14.5~15 inch.

    Spiritual Properties of Opalite:

    Opalite is a man-made stone that is known for its beautiful glow and soothing energy.

    ● Emotional Healing: Opalite is considered a stone of emotional healing. It is believed to assist in relieving anxiety and stress, promoting a sense of calmness and inner peace.

    ● Gentle energy: Opalite is said to enhance communication and strengthen relationships. It is believed to promote open and honest communication, helping you express their thoughts and feelings with clarity. It can also assist in maintaining harmonious relationships by fostering understanding and love.

    ※ Please note that there is no specific scientific evidence to prove the therapeutic effects of stones, but gemstone therapy meditation may induce a placebo effect that helps you relax the mind.

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